At Ellested Kvindekrisecenter, we are looking for volunteers in a number of different groups with functions related to Ellested Kvindekrisecenter's activities.

For example, we are looking for day and evening shifts, legal advisors, receptionists, activity and event makers, gardeners who maintain the garden area, volunteers who organize social activities, and speakers.

As a volunteer at Ellested Women's Crisis Center, you will be part of a vibrant house and an exciting collaboration in a professional community where we work to empower women, children and each other through recognition and open dialogue.

You will be trained by experienced volunteers who will give you an introduction to how violence in close relationships affects individuals and society. In addition, you will receive a thorough introduction to the work of Ellested Kvindekrisecenter.

In cases where it is relevant, there is an ongoing opportunity for social professional sparring on specific advice from one of our permanent employees.

You will make an important contribution to stopping violence against women, and you will have co-responsibility and co-determination for the volunteer work and for Ellested Kvindekrisecenter's activities - thereby strengthening and developing your skills so that you can leave Ellested Kvindekrisecenter stronger than when you arrived.

We are a big house, and as a volunteer it is of course important that you show respect for other people, regardless of religion, culture, nationality, ethnicity or political views.

We expect you to have the ability to maintain an overview and be present and committed to the people and tasks you meet in your volunteer work.

In addition, we expect you to take responsibility for ensuring that your actions are in line with our values and visions.

The volunteer groups meet approximately once a month - some less often - and there is supervision several times a year. As a volunteer, we expect you to participate in both.

We also expect you to participate in two annual joint events; March 8, which is International Women's Day, and August 1, which is Ellested Kvindekrisecenter's birthday.

As a volunteer, you have a duty of confidentiality. This means that you are not allowed to disclose confidential and personal information about the women and children receiving counseling or staying with us. It is not allowed to interact privately with the women and children who live here or are part of Ellested Women's Crisis Center's aftercare.

You must be able to present a blank child certificate.

Would you like to join the team and become a volunteer at Ellested Women's Crisis Center?

We are constantly recruiting



CALL NOW: 51 15 65 66

We are a temporary home. A women's crisis center for women and children who have experienced violence.

You can contact us - around the clock.

We listen to you. Together we will find out if a stay with us is a good solution for you. We can give you advice and guidance on what you can do in your situation.

We can help you with legal assistance, help you clarify your employment, career or challenges at work. We can help you with visitation arrangements or anything else that may weigh heavily on your close relationships.
I et voldeligt forhold er det ikke kun de fysiske skader, der forårsager den mest langvarige smerte. Økonomisk vold er en skjult form for overgreb, der kan have dybtgående og ødelæggende konsekvenser for dem, der udsættes for det. Men hvad er økonomisk vold, hvordan manifesterer det sig, og hvordan kan Ellestedet hjælpe dig, hvis du er fanget i et mønster af økonomisk kontrol og manipulation? Læs mere på ellestedet.dk#ellestedet #kvindekrisecenterfyn  #voldmodkvinde #økonomiskvold
Honor-related violence is a dark and complex issue that affects many communities globally. It is a type of violence that is deeply rooted in tradition, culture and social norms and particularly affects women and young girls.Honor-related violence is a broad term that encompasses various forms of abuse and oppression carried out to protect a family's honor and uphold traditional societal norms. It includes:Forced marriagesSocial control in relationships and familiesReproductive journeysEmotional blackmailCentral to this form of violence is the concept of "honor," where the family's reputation is dependent on the behavior and conduct of family members.#Ellestedet #women's shelter #honor related violence #honor related conflicts #honor related violence and control
"Ellestedet has meant everything to me. I have really gotten professional help. I have been protected. My stressed-out body has been given time and peace to calm down. I have been pampered with food and massage, and the staff are there for you night and day. I wish that those who are sitting at home in an abusive marriage dare to take the step to come here"From a woman ❤️#Ellestedet #kvindekrisecenter #liveftervold #kvinder #kvindekrisecenterfyn
Today is Women's Day, and of course we celebrate it at Ellestedet in our own quiet way. Country singer Maj-Britt Nikolajsen from Funen will stop by with her guitar and her warm voice to soften our hearts. The music reminds us how strong we are when we support and help each other in a difficult time #Ellestedet #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion #kvindekrisecenterfyn #supportwomen
Are you a good hairdresser or do you know someone who is? We are looking for a volunteer hairdresser who will come once in a while and trim the locks of the women who stay with us for a longer period of time and who therefore need a little work on the outside to feel better on the inside.  If this is you or someone you know, we would love to hear from you #Ellestedet #hairdresser #women's crisis center #volunteer #contact #kvinderkrisecenterfyn


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